Good design is not just about designing good.
Some ideas are bigger than design.

I am the creative driver of the projects I believe in. Participating in the growth of a great idea is what inspires me. And what’s even better, my designs have contributed to a combined revenue of more than $7 million for my client.


Status: Launched Founded: 2016, Gibraltar

LottoDay offers a new and exciting lottery ticket purchasing system that enables you to gain access to dozens of international lotteries without having to leave home.

With the user-friendly system we created, you simply choose the lottery ticket you want from a wide range of official lotteries around the world. Through LottoDay’s easy purchasing system, you have the freedom and convenience to select how much you’d like to spend and how frequently you’d like to purchase tickets. We then physically buy the ticket for you through our network of agents, and scan a copy into your LottoDay account for you to see.

Key People: Liron Warhaftig, Guy Gussarsky, Deependra Bhartari


Status: Pre-Launch (Beta) Founded: 2016, Singapore

The inspiration for this awesome multi-use Tumblr theme came from my desire to help fellow photographers take their art to the next level. When crafting the template, I wanted to incorporate in it disruptive design, interactive assets, highly-customizable fields that let you modify the content to the very extent of the word custom.

The free theme is aimed to help photographers who want to showcase their amazing work and projects. It can also be very helpful for fashion bloggers who want to share their inspiration with the world. Anyone who want to enhance their visual work can benefit at great lenghts from this Tumblr theme.

Key People: Petya Grozdarska


Status: Launched Founded: 2014, USA

Carista offers a mobile app and a hardware device (ODB2 adapter), which empower drivers worldwide to seamlessly diagnose, customize, and service their vehicles.

In order to democratize dealer-level technology, they hired me to help them simplify user experience across a wide range of supported brands and models. I participated actively and assisted Carista to launch the beta version of the product and I’ve helped them many times along the way with designs and visual representations here and there.

I’m very happy with what’ve done so far and believe that a good product is not enough to grab the client - you also need great design.

Key People: Ventsislav Dimov, Todor Ivanov


Status: Launched (Beta) Founded: 2015, Israel

The first fixed return option exchange in Europe. I’ve worked on developing the solution to all challenges that binary options brokers are facing nowadays. Being the first regulated fixed return options, Xmarkets is pioneering the forex market. It’s eliminating conflict of interest between brokers and traders and revolutionizing the market itself. By allowing strict and fair user treatment, the platform is taking front positions in the trading platforms. Planning and beta testing took more than a year with the user testing but the results came in great after the affiliate launch of the project.

Key People: Ilan Tzoria, Michael Golod, Martin Parvanov
You have an idea? Let’s make it happen

As much as I'm in love with the process of creating awesomeness from scratch, ultimately it's the people I have the pleasure of working with that make it that bit more magical. I have an open approach to the way I work and a simple mutual agenda – 'Let's create something our users will love.'